If you want to be absolutely sure of getting the optimal experience at the 2019 UCI Cyclo-Cross World Championships, it is already now possible to purchase a VIP ticket for next year’s unique event in Bogense.

Be at the very center of the event, treat yourself to exquisite catering with ad libitum drinks and a host of other benefits. This is what is included in the VIP package for next year’s UCI World Championships which have been put up for sale on June 15th.

“Based on the number of inquiries during the recent months I am very optimistic as far as the interest for our VIP packages is concerned,” says Per Olesen, CEO of Nordfyns Business and Tourism, who together with Sport Event Denmark, Sport Event Fyn and Denmark’s Cycling Union arrange the world championships in Bogense in the weekend of February 2nd and 3rd. 2019.

If you want to buy a VIP ticket for Saturday the price is 125 Euro. A Sunday VIP-ticket costs 139 Euro while VIP access for the whole weekend can be bought for 225 Euro. All amounts are plus ticket fee and with VAT included.

You can read more about the VIP tickets here

And of course you are always welcome to obtain further information by contacting

Sales Manager Jette Kærgaard: jek@neet.dk – +454043 4885