“The only words that come to mind when describing this weekend of cyclo-cross fiesta in Bogense is “Thank you very much everybody”. Thanks to the riders for their incredible performances. Thanks to the spectators who turned out numbers and created a wonderful ambience. Thanks to our priceless business partners, to our cooperation partners – UCI, The Danish Cycling Federation, Sport Event Denmark and Sport Event Fyn, to the big invasion of domestic and international media and last but not least thank you a thousand times to our immense local support. From the many hundred volunteers and from the local businesses and traders. It is our sincere hope that everybody has had a wonderful time and that hopefully we will see you all again in a not too distant future.”

Per Olesen, CEO, Business and Tourism North Funen

The 2019 UCI Cyclo-Cross World Championships in Bogense have now taken place – and we’ve managed to make a great impression in the world and a big tire print in the famous cyclo-cross mud.

The World Championships from one of the world’s largest sports organizations was awarded to Denmark and North Funen on Friday, January 27, 2017, and after 2 years of intense preparation, it culminated in the weekend – and what an experience it has been.

After five exciting and intense races on the spectacular route in Bogense’s beautiful and authentic harbor environment and the distribution of 5 x gold, silver and bronze medals, 5 world champions could now wear the rainbow striped UCI World Championship Jersey.

“Cycling has a unique ability to both awaken strong emotions and unite people across ages, genders, nations and cultures. And this event has been an amazing celebration of admirable athletes and our great sport.
We are very grateful for the joy and enthusiasm that cycling fans from all over the world have brought to Denmark this weekend, and once again we have to mention the inspiring cooperation between UCI, Sport Event Denmark, Sport Event Funen, Nordfyn Erhverv & Turisme and Danish Cycling Federation that has been another example of what we can achieve together.
This event will be stored in our memory and hearts for many, many years. A big thank you to the more than 500 volunteers who have made it possible to host such an event. And congratulations to the new world champions – hopefully Bogense and Denmark will have a special place in their hearts.”

Henrik Jess Jessen, President, Danish Cycling Federation


With just over 15,000 people around the track – distributed on a gray Saturday and a gloriously sunny Sunday – and 100,000 viewers on TV 2 Sport – and more than 400 times that number of viewers globally – North Funen and Bogense got the kind of worldwide exposure this weekend that no one could have imagined in advance.

“The 2019 UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships this weekend was an epic display of how Denmark stages major, international cycling events. Cyclo-cross is one of the minor disciplines in Denmark but with these world championships, the sport has had immense focus nationally. And internationally, Denmark has yet again proven its worth as a world class host,”

Lars Lundov, CEO, Sport Event Denmark


The event has received so much positive feedback than we could ever wish for from the riders, the more than 200 Danish and international media representatives, the spectators, representatives of both the International Cycling Union (UCI) and the Danish Cycling Union (DCU). Yes, even HRH the Danish Crown Prince said it: “The Cyclo-Cross World Championships in Bogense was an unparalleled success.”

“It has been a true pleasure hosting the The UCI Cyclo Cross World Championships here on UCI Bike Island Fyn. With several hundred media spreading pictures and stories from the beautiful location close to the sea and the spectacular races here in Bogense, we have put Fyn and Denmark on the map as a destination ideal for cycling,”

Jakob Staun, Head of Events, Destination Fyn


“Hospitality”, “Kindness” and “Professional organization” are all among the many positive phrases that the spectators, the World Championships partners and the media have said and written in connection with the event. Not only aimed at the organizer group – but at least as much aimed at North Funen’s citizens, Bogense’s shops and cafés and the more than 400 volunteers who have made enormous efforts.


Everyone has shares in this outstanding success – Together we created history on North Funen… Thank you!