For a maximum fourth time Mathieu van der Poel was able to celebrate victory in this season’s Cyclo-Cross World Cup.

Initially, the 22-year-old Dutchman had certain challenges with the downhill run from the steep slope of Bogense Church and twice he had infight with the barrier.

But even though Belgium’s Toon Aerts took the lead,neither he nor van der Poel’s two other challengers, Wout van Aert and Lars van der Haar, could match  the Dutch’s pervasive pace in the long run.
On the final stretch, van der Poel had the chance to literally greet the audience while World Champion Wout van Aert won the Belgian fight for second place with Aerts number three, while Dutch van der Haar came in fourth.

Both Belgians had punctures on the last lap and naturally influenced the intensity of the last sprint.

“I think it was a nice experience to be here, but I was a bit sad that the mud transformed the technical parts of the route to running sections,” said Van der Poel after the race.

All three podium holders agreed that they were looking forward to the World Championship in Bogense, February 2019. The next item, however, is the fifth leg of the World Cup, which is held in German Zeven on Saturday.

Mathieu van der Poel obviously leads the overall World Cup standing with a maximum of 320, while van Aert advanced to second place with 220 and Lars van Haar occupies third place with 219