The ruling World and European champion, Sanne Cant, won the women’s World Cup race in Bogense Sunday.

But what initially seemed like a walk in the park for the Belgian champion evolved into a heavy duel with the experienced British Helen Wyman.

36-year-old Wyman, who won the British Championship nine times out of ten in the period 2006-15, picked Cant on the second of the five rounds of the race and the two women lay side by side until the champion made the crucial strike up the steepest point of the course third time around.

Wyman, however, kept Sanne Cant in short line and the Brit crossed finish line nine seconds after the winner.

In third place was American Kaitlin Keough (+48 seconds), while the biggest disappointment surpassed another of the pre-favorites, Dutch Sophie de Boer, who finished on 11th place after an excellent start.

That means Keough overtook De Boer in the fight for World Cup’s second place. Sanne Cant is still in front.